As a Craft distillery in Orange County, CA. We do our own distribution in order to keep prices low for our consumers. 1.0.1 vodka is an Ultra Premium Vodka without the Ultra Premium price tag. It’s everything you’d expect from an Ultra Premium Vodka, with none of the ego and all of the flare! We only taste test 1.0.1 vodka against other top shelf Vodka's and we can happily say, 1.0.1 Ultra Premium Vodka is preferred over most.

      1.0.1 vodka is a smooth, slightly sweet vodka that is perfect for any occasion. It's a versatile vodka that can be used in a variety of drinks, from simple vodka sodas to more complex martinis. With such a smooth finish, you can also enjoy it neat. It's distilled five times, filtered 7 times, resulting in a clean, crisp taste with no harshness. 


​​Why choose 1.0.1 Ultra Premium Vodka