our story

Mr.  & Mrs. 1.0.1

It all started with a spark. Not the literal kind, although a roaring fire would later play its part in our story. It was the spark of an idea, a yearning for something more in the world of spirits. Our President (Hermoz Parsa) had always been a connoisseur, appreciating the subtle nuances of a fine drink. But there was a gap in the market, a void where a truly exceptional vodka could reside at a reasonable price. The quest for the perfect vodka began with relentless research. He delved into the history of distillation, the intricacies of a base selection, and the delicate dance of water quality. Blending spirit after spirit, each sip was a lesson, a piece of the puzzle slowly coming together. While sitting by the ocean side in beautiful Laguna Beach, CA, it came to him, "why not be the first blended vodka."

The blending process began and after many more taste tests, with his team, he came up with a vodka that is perfectly blended from Corn and Sugar Cane. It's smooth, full bodied, with slightly sweet notes on the finish, and taste great mixed in any cocktail or sipped straight. The journey wasn't over though. He knew the vodka was exceptional, but it needed a name, a brand that would embody its essence. "1.0.1 (One-O-One) Ultra Premium Vodka" felt right. Simple, elegant, and with a touch of mystery. The "1.0.1" hinted at the meticulous process, the constant striving for perfection. "Ultra Premium" spoke for itself, a promise of unparalleled quality.

The design was equally crucial. He envisioned a logo that reflected the sophistication of the product, something timeless and luxurious that could tell a story.  The minimalist dry tree and the bird taking flight conveys a story of all of our journeys. We all have a beginning, things happen, life happens and our journey takes flight to our next stop.