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“At around $20 a bottle, 1.0.1 Vodka is a great deal considering the high quality of the spirit. This vodka has a sweet scent and soft, smooth mouthfeel.
If you’re a Top Shelf drinker, 1.0.1 Vodka will be your new go to vodka. If you tend towards the more inexpensive brands, the character of 1.0.1 might be a little more than you’re used to.”


"“1.0.1 Vodka is quite simply one of the best vodkas you can get for around $20. It has all of the qualities of a well-designed vodka: a bit of flavor, a desirable bite, a clean, smooth palate, a crisp finish, and a lack of alcohol smell. This is one that is comparable to Grey Goose and Ketel One and far smoother than Skyy and Smirnoff and for the mid-range vodka that's very good.”

Novus Vinum

"“With the removal of nearly all impurities, the crisp, 80-proof distillation reveals a clean finish and features a light scent without the strong tinge of alcohol.”

What started as a hobby became a dream. After graduating from CSUF, Hermoz Parsa aka Mr. 1.0.1, took over the distillery his father built with his own two hands. He saw the vast possibilities and began learning the trade. After years of practice, he finally came up with a taste he loved more than any other vodka he drank. Since then, it has been nothing but hard work and steady growth. The way every great american business story has started. There have been times it felt like it was 1 step forward and 2 steps back. That only helped keep him on his toes and find more creative avenues to explore to keep moving forward. Like all things in life, when you get content

with something that’s

when you fail.  You

always have to be

ready with the next

idea. So expect to keep

hearing about 1.0.1

Ultra Premium Vodka

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